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Before we decided to create our own travel technology platform, we were customers ourselves, running a successful travel business, but we became frustrated with the shortcomings of our technology provider. In 2016 we took the unprecedented step of developing our own travel technology platform and DevEase Technologies was born. Our aim was to provide sophisticated online solutions to the travel market that levelled the playing field and allowed customers to take charge of their online presence.

We're technical and creative pioneers. We've been pioneers in creating, adopting and implementing a variety of technologies. The majority of our technology is based on the LAMP model (Linux, Apache,MySQL, and Perl/PHP). With this model we have been able to provide our clients robust, secure and cost effective solutions. Our travel industry experience and know-how have given us the edge that gives our clientele a competitive advantage. With specialists in all areas of travel software design and development, our technical capabilities include custom travel software development, travel systems integration, and technical consulting

Our focus is solely on the online travel market and we know the industry inside out. Our founders are running their own successful travel business, so we know exactly what our customers need to achieve success online.

Why DevEase Technologies ?

Partner with DevEase Technologies and you can expect more....


While other technology providers hide the cost of their products and services, we are completely open and transparent. And with flexible pricing options and minimal maintenance fees, license fees, support fees or charge to add suppliers the savings are clear.


Unlike other web development companies, our focus is solely on the travel market, so if you’re looking for a true partner that is an extension of your business, we are the perfect fit.


The fast moving travel market demands technology that can keep up. The unique nature of our technology and ever expanding range of new features means your website will never be out of date - your website can grow as your business develops.


Forget about fixed templates, our professional designers are here to help you translate your vision into an engaging on-screen design with all of the features your customers expect from a leading travel website.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and maintaining long-term customer satisfaction - building enduring relationships is at the center of who we are. We embrace each client's vision for their business, then design and deliver the smartest, highest quality solutions to make that vision real.

We offer affordable products from small to Medium-sized businesses, travel, and e-commerce to create effective branding using latest web technologies to grow business revenues.

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