DevEase Technologies are renowned and established in delivering innovative, fully scalable, high performance solutions to leading organisations. Our ethos is focused on presenting a travel solution that leads the market whilst providing an agile and stable platform for client business operations.



Our focus is solely on the online travel market and we know the industry inside out. At DevEase Technologies, our directors are running own successful travel business, so we know exactly what our customers need to achieve success online.



We have developed a wealth of experience in delivering fully scalable, high performance travel software solutions and holiday booking engines and we pride ourselves on making the best use of the latest technologies available in order to satisfy growing demand for fast, efficient and effective solutions.

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Automated Workflow

Fully automated travel solution encompassing Pre-Sales, Sales, Post-Sales and Accounts

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Easily apply complex pricing and promotional strategies variable according to multiple levels

Multi-channel Distribution

Pure web services to enable online, offline and multi-media distribution capabilities

Intelligent Aggregation

Bi-directional integrations with intelligent aggregation for prioritisation and de-duping results using fuzzy logic.

Inventory Management

Own products and third party inventory management via a single simultaneous search

Back Office Automation

Fully automated travel accounting workflow with reconciliation of costs and commissions


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    The mobile revolution is upon us in the travel industry. We've been trying to get travel brands to prepare for it for, well, as long as we can remember, but now it's officially here....

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    Success in travel is...

    Your marketing efforts are only ever as good as your own-brand website – never a truer statement made in the travel sector. Whether you're an online travel agency (OTA), a hotel brand or an airline, you depend on...

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    On average, research shows that the conversion rate for travel websites is at a dismal 3%, and the rate at which travellers will decide to abandon their online bookings is extremely high at 75%. The industry as a whole will...

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    There are many instances in the online travel market where visitors will land on a travel website, search for accommodation, flights, hotels etc. only to leave without completing the booking.95% of all traffic for hotel...

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